Ustawi Hubs

A collective approach against hunger, poverty & Ignorance in semi-arid areas.

Ustawi is a Swahili word that means well-being, prosperity, and development.
We accelerate "Ustawi" in forgotten semi-arid areas through A collective Approach, mindset transformation and sustainable agriculture.

Ustawi hubs  are at the forefront of driving a profound mindset shift among forgotten farmers in semi-arid areas, transcending the formidable barriers of poverty, hunger, and ignorance through comprehensive training programs.

We are dedicated to catalyzing transformation in  forgotten rural, semi-arid areas, tackling hunger, poverty, and ignorance while promoting mindset shifts and economic empowerment among rural women. Through sustainable agriculture interventions, including water harvesting, conservation agriculture, and innovative farming techniques emphasizing water and soil management, Ustawi hubs combat challenges like water scarcity and food insecurity. Prioritizing women’s empowerment and community development, these hubs foster resilience and mitigate environmental degradation. By championing holistic solutions, Ustawi hubs contribute to long-term “Ustawi,” meaning prosperity in rural communities, paving the way for a  prosperous, sustainable and  equitable future.

Ustawi Demo Farms

Ustawi demo farms are like classrooms, teaching communities that agriculture can lead to prosperity. We show them firsthand that farming can bring well-being and economic success. After harvest, we sell the produce back to the community, reinforcing the idea of self-sufficiency and empowerment.

Our projected numbers for 2025

Ha of land cultivated under conservation & sustainable agriculture.
0 +
Households in semi arid areas trained and empowered to farm sustainably.
0 +
Tonnes CO2 captured through conservation farming and soil management.
0 +
Trees planted by 70,000+ households ,each family planting 145 trees.
0 +

Our Gallery

In rural semi-arid areas, Ustawi trains women in mindset shift and agricultural skills within groups of 30 to 40 members. These self-help groups convene monthly for training sessions, also incorporating microfinance or table-banking activities. Held directly within these forgotten communities, the sessions are tailored to address their specific needs and challenges, fostering collaboration and empowerment among participants.

Ustawi -Afrika-Hubs-Rural Women-Empowerment-Doreen -Irungu-Founder-Agri-empowerment
Ustawi -Afrika-Hubs-Rural Women-Empowerment-Doreen -Irungu-Founder-Agri-empowerment

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