Ustawi Hubs

About Us

Our Mission

Ustawi is a Swahili word meaning well-being, prosperity, thrive, and development.

Ustawi’s mission is to restore self-sufficiency and dignity in forgotten rural communities across Eastern Africa by overcoming the ignorance, hunger, and poverty that oppress them through agriculture and mindset transformation.

Our commitment to Action

Empowering rural communities in semiarid regions through a collective, sustainable agriculture approach and mindset transformation to disrupt hunger, poverty, and ignorance, fostering holistic development.

How we do it?

Mindset Transformation :

  • Conduct mindset transformation workshops.
  • Promote a growth mindset for resilience and adaptation enabling them have a collective approach against challenges like water scarcity.

Women Empowerment:

  • Provide microfinance & microcredit opportunities for forgotten farmers.
  • Offer skill-building programs.
  • Ensure equitable access to resources.

Community Collective Approach:

  • Engage local leaders¬† & communities in initiatives & projects. We are working with 350 clusters or CBOs in different villages to enable¬†collective approaches and actions.

Precision  Agriculture:

  • Introducing technologies like IoT sensors that can increase production, reduce labor time, and ensure the effective management of soil & water. We reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers by introducing humi-soil & Biochar.

Irrigation Water Harvesting:

  • Build rainwater harvesting infrastructure, like water pans for irrigation.
  • Ensure reliable access to water storage facilities like tanks.
  • We manage water by using solar-powered drip irrigations systems.

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