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Ustawi spearheads sustainable farming in rural, semi-arid areas through innovative techniques and technologies. We construct earthen water pans for effective water harvesting integrated with dam liners to preserve water, crucial during droughts. Solar-powered drip irrigation systems efficiently manage water usage, optimizing crop yields. Our pioneering use of IoT sensors enables precision agriculture, providing real-time data for informed decision-making. By integrating renewable energy and advanced technology, we empower farmers to maximize water resources and enhance resilience in challenging environments. Ustawi’s holistic approach not only introduces farming innovations but also fosters long-term sustainability, ensuring rural communities thrive in harmony with their surroundings.

Excavate a water pan of capacity 5,000m³ @ksh 400,000.
Sunculture Refurbished RainMaker2 with ClimateSmartâ„¢ Battery.Powered by 444Wh, 15Ah Lithium Ion Battery equivalent to 100Ah Lead Acid Battery Maximum head is 65m/210ft, Optimized irrigation solution for up to 2 acre farm.
SF2 solar pump for two acres costing at Ksh 110,000
Quality Dam Liner : - HDPE - UV Treated
The rain horse costs per 100 m is Ksh 3,600
0.75mm Dam Liner @ 310Ksh/Sq m - Standard Width - 8m - Standard Length - 100m 2) 1.0mm @ 410Ksh/Sq m - Standard Width - 5.8m - Standard Length - 100m
Dripline at 20cm spacing, 15 cm spacing and 30cm spacing, uv treated with double holes
10,000 litres water tank cost Ksh 80,000
The installation cost for 1 Line is Ksh 65,000 and for 2 Lines is Ksh 95,000 per Arce.
Installation for Water tank that can be intergrated with drip irrigation .The cost depends with the size of the tank.
We train communities on making humi-soil using green innovation techniques where they recycle all green wates in their farms e.g maize, rice, coffee husks
We do soil testing using an Iot Sensor machine that helps farmers understand their soil profile.Soil testing costs Ksh 2000 per Acre.
The liquid sensors help farmers make informed decisions when it comes to soil, water, weather management. They are also able to optimize labor and crop health.

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